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App marketing made simpler with Machine Learning

3dot14’s predictive Machine Learning model is created using unbiased historical proprietary data to find the best users for your app and estimate the likelihood of their actions to serve them the most suitable ads at the most relevant time to drive post-install engagement. In a dynamic app ecosystem, our unbiased ML learns to adapt to changing app ecosystems and discovers new horizons of performance.

Advantages of Radian

Filter through vast data to find the best real users with the highest probability of conversions for your app with 3dot14’s ML platform

Create extensive user profiles

The 3dot14 ML enhances bid request data to develop extensive user profiles - helps understand the user we bid on

Track and know your users

Our ML levels your daily ad budget so that you can track all users all through the day to understand the user’s in-app behaviour.

Drive real users to your app

It filters fraudulent/suspicious bid requests and blocks accidental clicks to ensure real users are driven to your app

Learn from past behaviour

Extracts attributes from the user profiles to measure in-app engagement and spend patterns on your product.

Know how active your user is

Get an estimation of user interest or in-app interaction measured based on recency, frequency, and monetization.

Retain to maximize user LTV

Our ML segments audiences based on pre-lapsed activity and past user behaviour to retarget previously active and loyal users to reactivate and retain high quality users

Identify and target high quality users with 3dot14 ML

  • To develop extensive user profiles and identify and understand the user we bid on, our ML first enhances the bid request data.

  • Amidst the vast data, the 3dot14 ML is trained to filter our fraudulent/suspicious bid requests and block accidental clicks to give app marketers real and relevant data.

  • Further, this filtered bid request data will be matched with our database of unique and detailed user profiles.

  • The probability of user conversions and in-app events is estimated along with the optimal acquisition price.

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Retain app users with our ML to minimize churn rate and maximize user LTV

  • Getting users to install your apps is not the ultimate win. The 3dot14 ML will help convert installs to active users by increasing user engagement

  • Engage and re-engage to create a loyal user base for your app.

  • Retarget previously active and loyal users who have churned to reactivate a high-quality user base with our ML’s unique capability of audience segmentation.

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Drive the best users to your app with 3dot14

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