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Fuel your game’s growth by acquiring and retaining high-quality players

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Build, launch and scale your mobile game campaigns

Leverage our data-driven, deep learning technology to target high-value players, drive new installs and grow in-app purchases and engagements for your game


Acquire high-value gamers

Identify and target users of the highest value for your mobile game by tapping into a fraud-free database of up to 2.3 billion mobile profiles. Optimize your CPA utilizing our unique, AI-based algorithms and custom-built solutions for games in each category – whether hypercasual, simulation or casual.

Determine the right time to target your users (when they are the most active) in order to maximise their intention to progress in your game.

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Boost in-app purchases

Use a data-first strategy to define campaign goals and create target user segments by comprehending the historical and projected lifetime value of your players. Leverage our ML technology to target look-alike profiles of players who are most likely to spend on in-app purchases.

Encourage your user’s first purchase by offering incentives like free coins or first-time discounts and bring them to invest in your game.

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Keep your players playing

The 3dot14 DSP – Radian helps you identify key moments in the user lifecycle and set strategies in action to boost retention and monetization. Keep players engaged with new levels and features, prevent churns and bring back recently lapsed users back to the game.

Re-engage your existing players and lower user acquisition costs by 75% while increasing in-app purchases by 65%.

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Use high-performing creatives

Reach your players with all leading adverts that work best with game apps and deliver the highest ROAS with minimized costs. Customize playable ads, rewarded video ads, interstitials and native ads as per user behavior, demographics, operating systems and geos to deliver creatives that convert.

Employ our multivariate and A/B testing mechanisms to identify the top-performing creatives and amplify user quality and install-to-purchase rates.

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