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The 3dot14 Creative Studio

Your feature-rich innovative platform to provide you with multivariate testing, AI-powered media optimization and in-built localization to drive real conversions, achieve the lowest possible costs and maximize your ROAS


Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Build multiple iterations of your ad creative while customizing parts of the ad based on audiences, past performance and context with our DCO technology.

Adapt creatives dynamically at each audience touchpoint. Employ relevant messaging across your marketing funnel and deliver more informative and impactful ad experiences to maximize performance.



Leverage our artificial intelligence and get actionable customer insights to create personalized variants of ads to target each user with an A/B tested, relevant ad.

Personalize your ads with our integrated AI-powered media optimization and enjoy higher-than-ever ROI and conversation rates across all campaigns.



Tap into new territories, reach wider audiences and target users at a granular level using audience segments and location data. Utilize our built-in creative localization feature and produce geo-targeted ad variants with altered messages based on your target user’s location.

Diversify to reach target audiences in low-CPI groups and leverage multivariate testing to boost your campaign efficiency and return on ad spend.

3dot14 Creative Studio supports

all leading ad formats for mobile programmatic for you to scale your campaigns across wider audience segments.

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