Since the time of the flare-up of the pandemic, the web has been instrumental in keeping the world fully operational. Social media particularly has turned into the fuel that has helped organizations and brands flourish, with many putting vigorously in digital promoting to extend their reach. As said,

Lock yourself - not your business.”
Companies have understood this and during the pandemic, they survived with the help of the best and innovative advertising techniques. Clearly in the post-pandemic world, advanced showcasing has turned into an absolute necessity for each organization, and performance mobile marketing has turned into a new stage.

Today, an ever-increasing number of organizations are saddling the capability of the medium to advertise themselves. "We saw multiple developments last year," says Isha Gupta, founder of an influencer marketing agency. Customer brands and retailers who have embraced digital, they are keeping their business going through home workspaces. Though COVID-19 became apparent, we all got to know what digitalisation actually means. It isn't just about cool apps, however about having a chain that runs across processes, individuals, and innovation. It's a key change in the manner we work, live, and work together. Understanding these changes, organisations must change their agenda not only for clients but also for being on top.

As the mobile market grows and mobile advertising is used on a wider scale, there is a greater demand for more sophisticated technology. In today’s mobile advertising industry, programmatic is one of the hottest topics.
Here I’ll talk about some trending advertising techniques which became popular during the pandemic.

Programmatic Advertising

“Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising. Programmatic is nothing but a much more systematic and process-driven approach of buying and selling all kinds of digital and traditional ad spaces.”

Some advertisers said that on the current occasions there has been an unexpected shift from offline to internet promoting for many conventional advertisers. For instance, if you somehow want to purchase a media space in the pre-COVID-19 time, you would require an actual recce report featuring different bits of knowledge which depend on human intercession. Be that, with programmatic advertising one can check all the experiences at a press of a button.

In addition, there is a huge decrease in cost when contrasted with the individuals who go by the human driven methodology, as programmatic advertising uses a real-time bidding system which determines price based on the supply and demand as identified by the algorithms which minimises the risk of overpaying significantly. Today, around 84% of digital ad space spend on programmatic advertising.

Influencer’s Marketing

Influencer’s marketing has become a significant part of digital and social media promoting today. It includes using the administrations of a powerhouse with an impressive number of supporters to showcase an item in return of installment or the item/administrations. As per gauges by research organization Insider Intelligence (in view of information by California-settled force to be reckoned with advertising office Mediakix), the powerhouse promoting industry will be valued at $15 billion by 2022 up from $8 billion out of 2019.

For instance, sports and fitness brands took help from influential athletes like Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal, etc. for promotions. During the pandemic, stadiums, parks and gyms were closed, brands came up with home workout apps and promoted them with the help of these influencers. To stack the brand with new situating and guiding principles, associations should begin presently by making stories and cooperating with powerhouses and home exercise applications. The results can be seen post-COVID.

Social media advertising

Organizations have reevaluated their client ventures, discovered new opportunities, and embraced new advertising apparatuses to prevail in a changed environment. Social media played a key part in this influx of digital change and therefore social media ads spend soar to record highs.

The data in a study uncovers the size of the shift to the digital marketing environment. For instance, Facebook promotions reach overall growth to 30%, including increments of almost 100% in certain regions (North America and the Middle East).

Despite the fact that social media advertising is popular and effective, brands are still looking for options with better return on investments. This is why more advertisers are focusing on programmatic advertising.

This year during the IPL brands like MPL, Myntra took the programmatic route to advertise during the mega sporting event. Though more brands have begun taking the programmatic buying route, India has a long way to go with regards to the western countries in America and Europe.

Programmatic is growing rapidly every year. It’s essential to embrace the trend and integrate it into your workflow to boost and optimize your mobile marketing efforts. With customer experience, personalization, and automation all trending in digital marketing, it’s vital for your business to keep up with the rapidly evolving market.

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