3dot14, an artificial intelligence based global advertising solutions company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its offerings and international team to Korea to deliver its innovative ad-tech services. The company appointed Jun Hyun Kim as Vice President of Strategy to lead the operations in Korea. Expansion to Korea is in line with 3.14’s vision of a global physical presence after great success in Indonesia, United Kingdom and India. Currently, the company is running about 2200 ad campaigns reaching out to 3.5 billion app users in 170 regions around the world, delivering high-value user acquisition and retention to the advertisers. With world renowned companies such as Lazada, Amazon, Miniclip, Gojek, Bybit, and Gameloft as its clients, 3dot14 continues to witness a massive growth every quarter.

Jun Hyun Kim, head of 3dot14’s Korea division said "The best thing about 3dot14 is its technology first approach and it excites me a lot to bring the solutions of the 3dot14 directly to the Korean companies. We aim to increase our market share in Korea, as well as Asia, by providing the best ROAS to the Korean companies."

3dot14 aims to provide comprehensive solutions through machine learning-based artificial intelligence and extensive retargeting, and to effectively connect users to brands through strategic audience segmentation capabilities.

Afraz Naqvi, the co-founder of 3dot14, said, "Korea is a large market that consumes more content than the average global app users. Even though it ranks 28 in terms of population, it is the world's 4th largest game and content powerhouse. As a company focussed on driving RoAS, it’s a natural progression for 3.14"

3dot14's launch in the Korean market has been greatly embraced and widely reported in the Korean media platforms like Network Times, etc. You can have a look at them below:


With an outstanding presence in the Adtech world, it will be a very exciting journey for the company in the coming years and a small step in making “Mobile Advertising - The way it should be”, the motto of the company.