10 Secrets to Converting Website Traffic Into Leads

10 Secrets to Converting Website Traffic Into Leads

More traffic to a website does not always result in more revenue unless the revenue is based on display advertising. Display advertising model results in the lowest revenue per visitor as compared to all other available revenue models. There are certain studies suggesting that only 27% of the visitors on the internet end up looking at a display ad.

Read our article Display Advertising vs Affiliate Advertising: Which One to Go for? to get a detailed perspective on two of the most popular models of advertising.

Convert traffic into Leads

10 Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads 

Converting your website visitors into leads and then promote a service/product to them via a follow-up phone call or email marketing is a great way to monetize internet web traffic. This process is also called inbound marketing.

To attract traffic to a website, content marketing is the best strategy. It is best done through social media, blogging, and email marketing.  An effective email marketing campaign can invariably boost sales.

However, under this article, we will not talk about the ways to attract traffic. Rather, we will discuss effective ways to convert the available traffic into valuable leads.

  1. Landing Pages 

These are one of the most effective platforms to convert traffic into leads. Landing pages are usually designed to collect contact information. An effective landing page combined with the targeted traffic can give a conversion rate of as high as 50-60% and in some cases, even more than that.

You can incorporate landing pages into the blog or the main content of a web page. This increases the probability of more people visiting the landing pages via search engines, referral, and direct traffic and resulting in generating a greater number of leads.

You can design your own landing page or use some plug-in and themes available in the market which can make creating a landing page easy.

  1. Notification Bars

These are the full wide banners at the top of the websites. Internet users are trained to pay attention to these because the browsers usually display warning messages like a blocked pop-up in notification bar or a missing plug-in.

Such bars stay at the top of everything and many of these can be configured to the top even when people scroll down the website. One can put an email form in the notification bar or there can also be a link on one of the landing pages from the notification bar.

  1. Opt-In Forms in Sidebars and Below Posts

The sidebars of any blog and the area beneath the post serve as good locations for opt-in forms. People usually pay a great deal of attention to the sidebars when they are not too interested in content and it is highly probable that they will see and opt for a relevant offer.

  1. Unblockable Popup Forums

You might have come across pop-up forms on various websites and blogs. These are also great to convert web traffic into leads. Depending on the effectiveness of your offer, you can expect 2% to 10% of your daily traffic to convert into leads. Keep in mind that consumers dislike large pop-up ads so choose accordingly.

For WordPress, Popup Domination is one of the best plugins that help you grow your email list and can create pleasing pop-up forms on your websites. 

  1. Welcome Redirects

You can redirect the first-time visitor on your blog to a landing page where they can choose to take part in return for something such as a newsletter or a free e-book. These plugins will redirect new visitors and they will only see your homepage.

Though it is a very good option for capturing a great number of leads in a short span of time, it is not the most recommended one. it can only be used for a short period of time to get a boost in the leads. But after attaining a certain number of leads, it needs to be stopped.

  1. Header Forms

You can put an opt-in box in the header area which is the most valuable space of any website. You can either develop a custom theme and split test to improve its conversions or use Generate, a theme available called on Studio Press, which has a header opt-in form embedded in it.

  1. Opt-In Forms Inside Videos

With the increasing popularity of web videos, a new variety of opt-in forms have become popular with digital marketers. These are the opt-in forms inside videos. A premium plug-in called LeadPlayer on WordPress is a very effective tool to create opt-in forms inside videos. With a lot of different options, it works with any YouTube channel.

  1. Make an Attractive Offer 

It is very important to make an offer that is attractive to the type of audience you are trying to convert. There is no point in turning visitors into leads if they are not willing to become a customer in the future. So, provide different offers to different people with specific content needed to generate the leads.

  1. Provide High-Quality Content

Undoubtedly, content is the king. The buyers are becoming selective day-by-day. No visitor will stick around your website if it is devoid of quality content. If your website lacks unique and educational content, the visitor will be much unlikely to share their contact information. So, know your audience and avoid corporate jargon. Keep your content simple, unique and high-quality.

  1. Host Free Webinars

Webinars can be a great way to generate leads for your business. Start preparing for the event in advance by choosing a topic that addresses your customers’ problems. Promote the event by sending a note to your email list and post about the upcoming webinar on social media and your blog.

These are various powerful ways to convert the available traffic into leads. The underlying concept is the same for all. Simply focus on attracting people by providing them valuable and quality content and then get their permission to email them in the most effective way.

Offer people something they value in the email in order to build their trust. After you are able to gain their trust, you may present them the products and services you want to sell in a non-obtrusive manner.

So, adopt any of the above-mentioned methods and start converting the traffic on your website into valuable leads.

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