75% Of Russian Mobile Phone Users Are Also Gamers – 18% Make App Purchases

75% Of Russian Mobile Phone Users Are Also Gamers – 18% Make App Purchases

Mobile gaming is very popular in Russia with 59% having smartphones and 17% tablets (all based on iOS or Android)
When it comes to the number of mobile games downloaded, Russia leads in Europe, whilst mobile gaming revenues rank sixth. Indeed, with 80 million smartphone users in 2017, Russia is one of the top players in the European mobile market.
Interestingly, the report highlights that Russian mobile gamers show greater retention on Android for both paid and organic traffic. iOS retention was lower for paid traffic on Day 1.

The survey done via a gaming portal, GameXP with over 11 500 000 users across 17 online games. This means that there are lots more gamers in Russia. Most of the gamers are male and under 30 years, with only a fraction being female. Another interesting fact is that Russian gamers prefer fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), BUT most games don’t have more than 30 hours to spend on gaming.Last but not least, it seems that Russian gamers are at the moment most excited about VR gaming.

Already employed or still studying male under 30 years of age, residing in the country’s regions — such are the basic features to make a short socio-demographic profile of an average Russian online games aficionado. The economically active gamers (including students) hit the record 91% share this year.

At the same time the number of regularly paying users have managed to go uphill reaching 12%, which implies that hardcore audience is not the only one to make in-game purchases.

Russian mobile gamers mainly spend money on and in “core”-type games.

When looking at current global market trends on the mobile gaming industry, what do we know about the Russian market?
We know that Russia ranks currently 11th in the countries by game revenue: mobile game developers have earned a total of $215 million USD in Russia in 2016. The total revenue of the Russian gaming industry was $1,3 billion USD. Games and in-app content have generated $215M USD in Russia last year, across both App Store and Google Play. This amounts to $307 million USD before App Store and Google Play’s commission. The Russian mobile apps turnover accounted for $429M USD before app stores’ commission.

According to an article of a newspaper website, out of 10 mobile games released in Russia, 4 are free, 3 are paid, and 3 have In-App purchases.

Sourced originally: http://bit.ly/2wF1Gay

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