6 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns And Boost Sales Online

6 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns And Boost Sales Online

Email marketing is one of the most effective means to convert potential and existing customers into sales and revenue. It is a good way to help reach potential customers, existing customers and start building relationships with them. Email marketing has proved time and again to provide a better ROI.

When you take time to build your email list, it gives you an ability to reach your audience at any time. Email marketing also provides a lot of data that can be used to evaluate performance and make improvements.

Each email in a user’s inbox only gets a split-second of attention. Everything from how the email starts off to how it is formatted has a huge impact on whether I’m going to give it another three seconds of my attention or not.

So how do you improve on email marketing performance to take complete advantage of one of the most effective forms of marketing?

6 Ways To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

Our agency does email marketing for many of our clients. We use certain best practices to get some pretty darn impressive results. These practices are quite straightforward, and not complex, but they represent simple ways to help your business improve your email marketing.

1. Keep a Personal Touch

Customers want to feel valued, and personalizing your email communication is the best way to start. Address them by their name, hence making them feel that the communication is tailor made. Personalisation along with other interactive features are the most effective ways of email marketing.

2. Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is incredibly important. How do you do that? It is essential to send out relevant emails to your customers with information that will keep them subscribed.

Segmenting your email list is the best way to ensure that your customers are receiving the information that suits them. Hence, sending customers relevant emails specific to their needs will serve as a key to success in email marketing.

3. Keep It Short and Interesting

Concise messaging is the key to getting your emails noticed and keeping your readers stay focused. If your users are interested in what you’ve presented, it would definitely get them to your website with just a click.

You may lose your customers by cramming too much information. Decision makers are generally busy and during their transit, they are likely to skip long and too much content filled emailer. An attractive creative and a short content will never go amiss.

4. An Edgy and Honest Subject Line

You win or lose with the subject line. It is critical to use a subject line that will prompt your target customer to open those emails. They have to be compelling and friendly enough to persuade your customers to open the emails.

Short subject lines drive urgency such as Good News!, Last Day, Sale tonight……etc.

5. Clear CTA (Call to Action)

Not having a clearly defined call to action is one of the biggest mistakes. If the reader can’t determine what they’re expected to do within five seconds, chances they will delete the mail. Multiple CTAs in one email risks that it may leave the customer confused, making them less likely to click.

The job of the email marketer is to make the user’s life easy and provide a clear CTA that leads them to a landing page and that matches the expectations created for your customers.

6. Be Mobile Responsive

Designing emails that are mobile friendly has become the most important criterion to be considered in your email marketing communication. A study shows that 68% of user open emails on mobile phones which is why it is essential for the emails to be mobile responsive.

So, these are the six steps to help improve your email marketing. For all companies within the B2B and B2C business if you have anything valuable to say to your customers, get to the point with crisp, short and attractive email messages, make a follow-up action and easy to accomplish marketing.

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