5 Common Challenges of Affiliate Marketing and How to Overcome Them

5 Common Challenges of Affiliate Marketing and How to Overcome Them

In the business of internet and mobile advertising, nearly 90 percent of the advertisers consider affiliate marketing very important in their overall marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing has matured rapidly over the years and is still growing. In order to stand out in the market, it is important to understand the consumers’ needs and learn how to promote products.

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But the question is, are you scalable to discover yourself as a potential for affiliate marketing? What are the affiliate marketing risks and challenges to be moderated so that they don’t affect you on the journey?

Common Challenges of Affiliate Marketing and Their Possible Solutions

In the sphere of affiliate marketing, you need to understand the common challenges encountered by affiliate marketing and the possible solutions to overcome them. Here are a few common points highlighted:

  • Picking the Right Niche Can Be Quite a Task

It’s going to be quite a challenge if you don’t get this right. Your business profit totally depends on finding the right niche and understanding your interest.

One of the most important factors is the choice of the niche of your market. Selection of your niche determines your success story. Strive to strike a balance between a profitable niche and one of your own interests. Most affiliate marketers stop their businesses as they would not make much profit, eventually losing their interest.

Solution: Thorough research and planning are required for choosing a niche that is profitable and the one that interests you. Using keyword planner tools, find relevant keywords. It will help in making it profitable to your requirement. A proper check on the vendors’ websites should be on your list.

  • Getting the Right Content and Captivating Copy Can be a Challenge

Imagine losing your customers or unable to generate any new customer leads only because the content could not capture the right customers. Remember! Your customer’s attention span is changing.

An attractive copy mirrors the products and services passively. Interesting content on the website can help generate sales. Poor content will affect the SEO and would not convey exact details of your services.

Writing content gives a different angle to your product or services, rather than just a mundane marketing task. So if you determine to be a successful affiliate, you might as well take care of the nuances of writing and take this issue as a challenge. Your content is a response to their search.

Solution: Hire the right candidate or freelancer to generate content for your website. Also, SEO and page optimization experts should be hired. Make a habit of using relevant terms and phrases as well as proper use of language tools.

  • Generating Targeted Traffic

It would be tough if you don’t reach out to the right kind of customers. Without a targeted traffic, you can’t make a single dime out of your blog or business page.

The only place you would enjoy the traffic updates is on your website, but of course a qualified traffic. The most obvious source of traffic is search engines. But, generating traffic alone through Facebook ads, Adwords, SEO and other social media techniques is not enough. It totally depends upon your expertise and real-time efforts by using various media tools.

There is a difference between visitors coming to your website and the audience you want to target for your product and services, as the quality beats quantity. This will often result in few unique users but a higher conversion rate. And, this will reward you handsomely.

Solution: Focus on quality. Optimise the pages and campaigns with proper SEO with greater quality traffic. Understand your traffic and you will get a better insight that will help in generating more sales. The major sources that need to be focused are on social media, guest blogging, off-site content marketing and advertising that will help bring in traffic and ranking your page as well.

  • Mastering the Basic Skill of Affiliate Links Does Not Come Easy

Running a business online is an incredible way to make a living. However, everything you have built can shut down in an instant. How?

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketers complain about getting traffic and clicks but end up in zero earnings? That’s quite possible if the links are not properly placed on your website, newsletters, or in the mailer content.

Most marketers make it easy by giving the copy-paste code which results in misleading the consumers. If the links are not placed correctly, the vendors will be directed to the vendor’s website but your referral will not be tracked. This way it will lead to no sales conversion.

Solutions: Test your affiliate links before you go live. Get familiar with several free resources and websites on the internet that will help you in using HTML codes and affiliate links.

  • Sustaining Affiliate Business is Hard

If your business earns money, it doesn’t mean you can get customers easily or retain them for long.

Affiliate business is a ‘volume game’. It is difficult to sustain affiliate business if the targeted customers are poor. The reasons for poor sales are lack of traffic and poor conversion rates. The real issue is lack of traffic or poor targeting.

Without a proper knowledge to attract proper customers, people end up getting stuck in the affiliate marketing. Another major issue that needs to be considered is keyword targeting. It is very important to consider the intent of search with each keyword phrase. Analytical tools will help you identify the problems.

Solution: Understand your problem whether it is poor traffic or low conversion rate. Identify, revisit and review your strategies when necessary.

The list of challenges is inexhaustible and these are not all the challenges the marketers face. We have discussed just five common challenges and how you can deal with them. We recommend you to create your plan and consider the hurdles of affiliate marketing. 


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